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LCTaylor has helped thousands of people to solve their debt problems, stay out of debt and save for a secure and comfortable future.  Whether you have bad credit, can’t pay your bills or are bothered by calls from collection agencies, LCTaylor can help with your money trouble. Put simply, we help you find debt solutions.

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If you’re struggling to get out of debt, LCTaylor is here to help.

Trustees in Bankruptcy are the most highly trained and educated insolvency experts in Canada – and ours are among the best. We specialize in solving financial problems for both individuals and businesses. Our Trustees are licensed by the federal government to provide insolvency solutions.

With a combination of expertise in debt counselling and long-term financial planning, the Trustees at LCTaylor will not only help you get out of debt, but will help you plan your financial future afterward.

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What is a proposal?

A proposal under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act is a formal offer from you to your creditors. You propose to pay part or all of your debt to your creditors over a specific period of time. Unlike a bankruptcy, where your creditors have no choice as to whether or not you go bankrupt, in a proposal your creditors get to vote for or against your proposal. If they vote for it, you can proceed with fulfilling the terms of your proposal. This is done by making payments in the amount outlined in your proposal, to the Trustee, who distributes the money to the creditors. Once you have fulfilled the terms of the proposal you are released from any remaining debt.

Proposals vary from person to person, because they are designed on an individual basis to meet the specific needs of each unique person. At minimum, a proposal must offer your creditors more money than they would get if you went bankrupt.

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